Head in the cloud

Millions upon millions of apps have been downloaded and installed since the time mobile software began. You choose it, you pay for it and then you accept it. Now if you want something badly enough in the real world, you’ll pay any price and accept any terms just to get it, but it seems that mobile technology has made everyone (myself included) much more accepting.

I started to think about how human behaviour has changed around downloading and installing software onto mobile devices, whilst reading a cool article on security surrounding mob apps on my way to the EOD office. In summary, the article states that most software asks for access to data that isn’t relative to the product you’re purchasing, but it’s sold onto third party advertisers, and that’s how these companies are making money. Food for thought when we’re all nonchalantly accepting terms to the next WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram.

Now I’m not going to preach to you about the dangers of allowing access to personal information yadda yadda yadda - ‘better’ more ‘educated’ people can do that for me. However, I do want you to imagine what your life might be like if you accepted everything as it was presented to you. I’m thinking of a real life Yes Man situation. Perhaps, you’d go out with that friend you’ve not seen for a while, go running or dancing and try something new. It’s quite a romantic idea really.

You’re probably smiling, thinking of the all the things you should be doing, instead of putting them off - and that’s great - go do it. However, imagine what this behavioural change means for big businesses. People seem happy to part with personal, sensitive information rather than parting with cash. And while you might feel like you’ve saved fifty pence here and two pounds there, i’m sure I don’t have to tell you all the value of information in the eyes of marketing agencies.

If you accepted everything in life, as you do with terms and conditions, you become the worlds easiest sale. By asking the right questions, in the right way, people are prone to up selling - the best example is buying a big mac. McDonalds have built a ruthless sales army with the ability to increase each sale by roughly 10% - “would you like to go large with that?”

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